Claire T. Stanley

Date of Passing:

December 8, 2020

Stanley, Claire T., 89, of Blackstone Blvd, Providence, died peacefully on December 8, 2020. She was the wife of the late Carl Stanley.

Born in New Bedford, MA, she was a daughter of the late Joseph P. and Edea Duchaine.

A family obituary will follow.

Online Condolences


  1. Dear Stanley family
    We loved your mom and just learning of her death ! Together in heaven w dad and family !

  2. I am so sorry that we lost her at Blackstone Blvd. She set an example for others in not giving up, overcoming infirmity, and being firm in her faith.

  3. Dear Stanley family,

    I am writing to tell you how wonderful your mother is. In this time when families could not be together, I was privileged to get to know Claire and hear her stories of the family she loves so deeply. She said that when your dad was getting his practice started and together, they were getting their family started, it was a true team effort; he would come home every noon and fix lunch, because Claire was too busy “with babies all around me – changing diapers!” to cook. She spoke of packing you all up to go to the beach – lunches, toys, swimsuits – and then you would arrive there, and it would rain! She really laughed when she recalled these times. The collage of photos in her room brought these memories to her, making her so happy.

    Claire’s Catholicism, too, gave her solace. We spoke of the ways it informed her life, in how it shaped her as a mother. I would find her watching the televised mass on Sundays, deeply engrossed in its message. The other residents, too, speak of the comfort she brought with her lay service to them – sharing her deep faith along with the communion wafers.

    I stopped at the door to her room last night and said a prayer for her. But this act was rendered moot – not in prayer itself, but in the need to pray for Claire – she is certainly living in the light. And so I pray for you, that you find solace in knowing how much joy you give to Claire, still, and always.

    With deepest sympathy,

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